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Training Sessions
No. of training session Title Of Discussion Speaker
1 Importance of Hackathon & Future of Tech Mr. Pratap Sanap
2 Version Control (Git) and Effective Coding Practices Sh. Nitin Bhide
By Singaporean Counterparts
3 Product market fit/ VPC, Whole Product Map and Market Analysis Mr. Eric Tan
4 Powerpoint Engineering, Effective Collaboration and Communication Mr. Fred Then
5 Panel Session on ‘Insights to the Problem Statements’ Dr. Alex Lin and Mr. Fred Then
PS Training session
1 PS 1- Quantification of Marine Litter using Image Processing Dr Pravakar Mishra of NCCR Chennai
2 PS 2- Prediction of Oil Spills Events at Sea (POSEatSea) Shri Nimit kumar
3 PS 3- Cost of Air Pollution to Solar Power Generation (CAPsolar) Shri Nimit kumar
4 PS 4- Fishing boat Activity Clustering and Timeline Studying (FACTS) Shri Nimit kumar
5 PS 6- Automated Animal Identification and Detection of Species (AAIDeS) Shri Nimit kumar
6 PS 5- Flagging of (AIS) INactivity Data (FIND) Shri Nimit kumar
7 PS 7- Traffic Management system in coastal regions Captain Vinod Naveen, IMU
8 PS 8- Enhancing coastal security Captain Vinod Naveen, IMU
9 PS 9- Block chain in logistics Captain Vinod Naveen, IMU
10 PS 10- To track, provide alert to ships before piracy attack & continue to pin point track the attacking boat info to CG etc DIG MA Warsi, ICG
11 PS 11- Online Remote Proctoring Shri Pratap Sanap
12 PS 9- Supplimentary session on Block chain in logistics Vinod Naveen, Punit Agarwal, Guna Shekhar
13 Interactive session of ASEAN-INDIA Hackathon participants with Chairman, AICTE & CIO, MIC Prof. Anil D. Sahasrbudhe, Chairman, AICTE
Dr. Abhay Jere, CIO, MIC